Introducing a Person


Mr./Ms./Dr. Recipient

Street Address, including Unit or Suite Number

City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Recipient

Re: Name of Person Being Introduced


I am writing to introduce you to [name of person], who joined/will be joining our company on [date]. He/she will be [provide some information about this person’s title and function with your company.]

[In this part of the letter, you give more information about the person’s duties. Tell the reader about his or her previous employment, and what this person will be doing for the reader and the reader’s business. Use a paragraph or two to outline this information.]

[In this section provide the reader with information about the new person’s educational background and credentials. This is your opportunity to indicate why the person is qualified to help the reader.]

[Wrap up the letter by telling the reader how to contact the new person or indicating that he or she will be looking after the reader’s account from this point forward, as appropriate. You may also want to tell the reader that the new hire will be in touch with the reader shortly.]


Your Name

Your Title

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