Ten (10) Principles of CBT

Competency-Based Training delivery anchors in its principles. These ten (10) principles of CBT serves as ground rules for trainers and trainees. Memorize, apply and promulgate the listed principles below:

  • Principle One:The training is based on curriculum (CBC) developed from the competency standards (CS).
  • Principle Two:Learning is competency based or modular in structure.
  • Principle Three:Training delivery is individualized and self-paced.
  • Principle Four:Training is based on work that must be performed.
  • Principle Five:Training materials are directly related to the competency standards and the curriculum modules.
  • Principle Six:Assessment is based in the collection of evidences of the performance of work to the industry required standard.
  • Principle Seven:Training is based both on and off the job components.
  • Principle Eight:The system allows Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and or current competencies.
  • Principle Nine:Training allows multiple entry and exit in the training program.
  • Principle Ten:Approved training programs are nationally accredited. Programs of each institution or training center are registered with UTPRAS (Unified TVET Program Registration and Accreditation System).


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