Common Mistakes of Logo Design

What is a Logo ?

  • A logo is an emblem or a graphic mark.
  • It’s purpose is to promote the company or brand in front of public.
  • The pattern of logo may be symbol only or a symbol combined within text or text written in a particular fashion

Where Logo can be used ?

  • Website
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Social media (Facebook,Twitter)
  • Business Signs
  • Invoices
  • Fax Forms


Common Logo Mistakes

Designed by an Amateur

  • Corporate Logo Designed by an Amateur can result in disastrous comes.
  • The Amateurish Logo make the business also to look Amateurish.
  • Logo may not be unique if designed by an Amateur.

Relies on Trends

  • Logo must not be designed on ongoing trends.
  • It may not be unique in that case.
  • A well designed logo must be timeless.

Using Raster Images

  • Raster Graphics consists of pixels.
  • Raster images causes problems in reproduction.
  • The logo cannot be scaled to any size, looses quality.

Complex Designing Logo

  • Complex design will lose its detail.
  • It looks smudge, worse.
  • Complex design loses memory

Relying on color for Logo Effect

  • It is a common mistake
  • Designers must not depend on colors for its effect.
  • Choosing color must be the last decision.


Bad Font Choice

  • Logo fails for poor font.
  • Font must be matched to the style of the icon.
  • Right balance must be found.


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