Certificate Course – Train the Trainer at BDJOBS Training

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This certificate achieves a balance between theory (to enable participants to gain a thorough understanding of how people learn) and actual training practice with expert coaching and guidance. The practice sessions involve all participants in reviewing each person’s training content and delivery, together with the trainer, to ensure maximum feedback and sharing of good practice.

How participants will benefit after the course:
At the end of this training program participants will be able to:
• Understand the areas in which workplace training can be effective
• Understand the essential elements of designing and preparing training sessions and develop a personal action plan
• Understand how adults learn
• Write deliverable session objectives
• Design, prepare and deliver effective training during a training practice session
• Develop Session Plan, Demonstration Skill
• Monitor performance and use feedback effectively

Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session, Group work, Game
Contents of Training:

Session 01
• Defining a Successful Training Program
• Advantages of Workplace Training
• A Word about Adult Learning
• Principles of Adult Learning
• The Learning Process
• Your Approach to Learning as a Trainer
• Your Learning Style
• Training Style

Session 02
• The Learning Cycle
• When is Training Necessary
• The Training Process
• Planning Training
• Training Methods
• Types of Trainers

Session 03
• Setting the Climate
• Common Errors in Training
• The Four Step Plan
• Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
• Dealing with Difficult Trainees
• Delivery Plan
• Session Plan

Session 04
• Session Plan Review
• How to do a Training Needs Assessment (TNA): Concept and tools
• Presentation Skills
• Demonstration Skill

Session 05
• Demonstration Skill Follow up
• Training Presentation Worksheet
• Follow-Up
• Evaluations
• Closing Activity


For more details click – http://bdjobstraining.com/trainingdetails.asp?trainingid=90593&upcoming=0

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