20 Commandments Of Workplace Safety

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1. Target ans Achieve Zero accident
2. Report all incidents, near misses and accidents immediately
3. Know your emergency exists and assembly area
4. Know evacuation plan and procedure
5. Follow safety measures ~manual handling, ladder safety and electrical safety.
6. Practice good housekeeping
7. Mind your footstep and Walk carefully on slippery areas
8. Think safety and show it Through Your actins
9. Do not compromise on safety, alert management on unsafe conditions or practice.
10. Examine equipment for safety prior to beginning work.
11. Act professionaly at all time. No horseplay.
12. Be responsible for your own safety.
13. Follow work permit systems (Hot cold height and confined space)
14. Use always PPE and clothing as per work.
15. Dont perform any task until you have been properly trained.
16. Know the hazardous materials and chemicals location
17. Know the first aid kit location
18. Know the fire protecting equipments location
19. Follow the LOTO procedures
20. Maintain the HSE inspection checklist and HSE report.

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