Linkbaiting and how it can help you acquire free links

Linkbaiting can help you acquire free links to your Web site.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to acquire links to your Web site, one of the best ways to do it is with linkbaiting. The idea isn’t new and has been around for some time. The process of linkbaiting is very simple. All that it entails is to offer something that is free to other Internet users, or a free online tool, a research brief on a specific topic or something similar that will encourage others and webmasters to link to your site.

Ever since the Google search engine came about to what it is today, Google has always relied heavily on the number and quality of links pointing to a specific site in order to determine the popularity of that site. This is called link popularity and can have a drastic impact on how high a site can rank in the major search engines.

Google relies on its patented PageRankTM algorithm to determine the overall popularity of any given site. Simply put, if site A links to site B, then Google takes that as a ‘vote’ from site A to site B and ranks it accordingly in its database. As you can see, the more sites that are linking to you, the higher your link popularity will be when compared to similar sites in your field.

There are many ways in performing effective linkbaiting that will work under most circumstances. If you’re good at programming scripts (or if you can hire a programmer) in PHP, ASP or Java, you can simply create a small program that will help other site owners or webmasters. Here are a few ideas:

An online calculator or mortgage payment calculator
A program that checks the number of incoming links to a site
A script that checks a site’s rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN
A contest of some kind, where people will have to link to you to see the results

Of course, there are a lot more possibilities and you are only limited to your own imagination on how far you can go with this idea. The goal is simply to maximize the number of links to your site. Offering a free tool or a free service such as indicated above are a few ways of achieving that goal.

If you have other ideas or if you would like to comment on some other ways you have used to increase the number of links to your site, please drop us a line today! You don’t even have to give us your name. All emails will be kept confidential.

Good luck in your linkbaiting!

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