29 May 2009 – weekend ….. relAx

speed_-23 speed_-44

(Some of my training pictures in SPEED) – Click to view the enlarge picture

This is lazy but refreshing weekend day for me. Almost in every Friday I slept for along time, because I believe a long sleep can remove all stress of the week work load. And it sometimes works. Really works.

Today I have work in techtunez and OntoreBangladesh fetching. Something is really bothering for obd.  It acquires all of the space of my hosting. It creates a core file and its size is huge. I have to delete it manually. I need an automatic system for it.

I am thinking of “OntoreBangladeh Shop” project all day and designed a concept in my mind. Hopefully I will make a structure for this project.

Thanks for the time

Mahmud 5/29/2009 11:56:58 PM

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