Some defination of Health & Safety

Community Development

Community Development informally called community building, is a broad term applied to the practice and academic disciplines of civic leaders, activists, involved citizens and professionals to improve various aspects of local communities.

Community development seeks to empower indivisula and group of people by providing these group eith the skill they need to effect change in their own communities

Industrial Housing

Industrial Housing means providing accommodation for workers and staff within the industrial are, or within a radius of few minutes works from the place of work

Gradually, all over the world industrial area have preferably been established and developed in a place at a distance of few miles from the commercial and residential area.

In absence of housing facilities at the work place or even within the surroundings of the place of work, everybody in the working process must attend their duties by traveling few miles. This travel to and from the work place causes loss of energy, traveling expense etc.

Industrial Sanitation

Sanitation refers to healthy process of living. It is the quality of living expressed in the clean house, clean neighborhood and clean community. Wet up of industry should be in a suitable environment, because environment , may exercise a harmful effect on a man’s physical

3.      industrial health
4.      industrial hazards
6.      HAZOP
7.      investigation of accident
8.      accident prone
9.      workers education
10.     threshold quantity
12.     cooperative credit society
13.     personnel protective device & equipment
15.     toxicity
16.     fatigue study
17.     group insurance

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