Settlement of Industrial Dispute

  1. If any time an employer or CBA finds and industrial dispute is likely to arise, shall communicate his or its view in written format to other party.
  2. After 15days of receipt the letter, the party should consult with other party for Collective Bargaining to reach and agreement and if the parties are settled, the memorandum of settlement should be recorded in written and signed by both parties and a copy should be forwarded to Director of Labour and the conciliator
  3. If the negotiation is failed then the parties will report to conciliator to settle the dispute
  4. The government shall notified by the official gazette
  5. Within 10 days after receive the notification, the conciliator will call for a meeting for the purpose for bringing about a settlement
  6. The patties should appear before the last date given by the conciliator and if there is a settlement done then the conciliator will send a report to the government with the memorandum of the settlement signed by the both parties
  7. if the settlement failed in this stage, the conciliator may be continued for such further period with the agreement of the both parties
  8. If the conciliator failed to settle, he will refer the dispute to an Arbitrator (Judge) and if the patties are not agree to refer the dispute to an Arbitrator, Conciliator should give a certificate to the parties. And if they agree to settle the dispute to an Arbitrator, the both parties should make a join request to an Arbitrator
  9. The Arbitrator should give his award within 30 days and shall send a copy to the parties and the government and the award is the final and no appeal shall lie against it. An award shall be valid for a period not exceeds two years.

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