Fish Philosophy: A remarkable way to boost morale & improve results

Fish Philosophy:

A remarkable way to boost morale & improve results

What is FISH Philosophy

n    FISH! Philosophy is a skill that provides the process, tools and language to generate the skills necessary to design a workplace full of inspiration,creativity and innovation

n    FISH! is a wisdom that everyone can embrace

n    It is a practice that evolves over time creating a positive workplace and a vibrant culture each time it is embraced


n    It is an invitation that enables people to care about each other and their commitments

n    It is committed to creating a culture of trust, accountability and innovation

n    It  encourages to re-awaken the self-trusting, creative spirit within each of us

Four Practices of Fish Philosophy

First practice- BE PRESENT

Fully engaged

Be present!

The past is history
The future is a mystery
Today is a gift
That is why we call it the present

Make their day!

Look for as many ways as possible to create great memories

n    Involving others & working to make their day provides a constant flow of positive energy.

Make Their Day!

n    It is good for business

n    Serving customers well will give us the satisfaction that comes to those who serve others.

n    It will focus our attention away from our problems onto how we can make a positive difference to others.

n    This is healthy, will feel good, & will unleash even more energy.

Ways to implement FISH Philosophy

n    Choose to make today a great day.

n    Find ways to play

n    Stay focused while being present

n    Make the day of other people

Method of recognition by using FISH Philosophy

n    Giving of Fish! Card to each other by the employees, when they have demonstrated one of the Fish! concepts.

n     Employees who have earned three FISH! cards are presented with “Pete the Perch” a small stuffed toy fish of varying colors.

n    Many companies present these tokens at staff meetings, flinging them, as the employees at Pike Place fling real fish, to the employees who have earned them.

Presentation: Fish

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