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Welcome to my personal+professional website. I am basically a HR  and Training Administration person. This is my try to reach the people who know me and want to know me, my work, my family, my books information, my articles, my projects and more.

I am a behavioral and Information Technology trainer with 6+years’ experience in Training, HR and Administration. Although I always like to manage, develop and maintain different types of projects. I always like to know more area, but in limited edition. I never do anything without knowing the thing’s most. Some people identify me as Jack of Everything but master of some…… 🙂

My experiences in Human Resources & Administration industry are leading me to become a more experienced trainer and build the passion towards Training & Organization Development. I was quite successful in implementing some of the best practices in Administration, HR and Training. I have finer experience in training need analysis, designing and development of course content, and delivering trainings. Learning modules are designed & developed from time to time, based on the ever changing business needs. I always trust in pre & post training assessment and hence provides developmental plan to the participants.

The people who need information in web design, management, Human Resource and many other fields and walking by me, I am very much happy to share with you using this website.

There are always something run over my  mind. But I have some bad memory to remember them. Computer and Internet help me to remember me that all….. So This website can by my bookmark website also…..

So Keep in Touch…

Khan Mohammad Mahmud Hasan

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