Ten (10) Principles of CBT

Competency-Based Training delivery anchors in its principles. These ten (10) principles of CBT serves as ground rules for trainers and

CBT Terminologies

The need to understand commonly used terminologies is important before starting this courseware. Comprehending these terminologies will empower you to

Learning Behaviour

Individuals also learn different ways.  We all have different styles of learning but most styles can be categorised under the

Adult learning principles

Learners in the workplace are adults.  Effective trainers identify and use adult learning principles as they provide instruction and demonstration

Flexible learning

Flexible learning expands choice about what, when, where and how people learn. It is a learner-centred approach to education and

What are employability skills?

Employability skills are non-technical skills which play a significant part in contributing to an individual’s effective and successful participation in