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Software developers, during the project execution, have to prepare a number of documents – requirement – specifications documents, design documents, test reports, user manuals etc. Ability to express oneself clearly calls for written communication skills. This ability comes only through practice. Good handwriting may sometimes outrightly select you from a mob of students. Same

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Oral communication is very important for any professional because during one’s career, every professional has to talk to a number of people of varying backgrounds and technical knowledge. We have to talk to the customer (to whom we are developing the software) in English. The customer may not be a technical person, many times

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Interpersonal Skills

– I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun. – John Rockefeller. We do not have business problems. We have people problems. When we solve our people problems, our business problems are substantially resolved. People knowledge is more important than product knowledge. One

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